The First Week

I can not believe my little miracle is ten days old already! In the midst of pain, healing and no sleep it has all been a blissful blur. The pain, the healing the lack of sleep are all amazing because it means I have a LIVE baby. My little guy is such a fighter, he made it! He is here. I just stare at him in awe. He is such a fighter, Timothy and Daniel just couldn’t make it but Jace was able to hold on. I think he somehow had his brothers rooting him on.

He loves to laugh and smile in his sleep. It makes me think that God is letting his big brothers visit him in his dreams.

I have gone picture happy with my cell phone and my big camera, but nothing fancy,

We did have an AMAZING photographer R & J studios come and do some newborn pictures at the hospital, here are a few, I can NOT wait to see the rest!!

IMG_8838 IMG_8867 IMG_8880 IMG_8890 IMG_8898 IMG_8907-2 IMG_8918 IMG_8931


I am still speechless over these pictures and how precious and perfect my little miracle is! I highly recommend Rebecca, her photography and professionalism is amazing, she makes it all so easy and effortless, even when I am in this big yellow hospital gown, it was all totally fine and the pictures all look lovely. Check out her website and book! She is worth it!


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