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Things they don’t tell you

So I went in to be induced with Jace and deliver normally. Turned into a C-section, so I never had the chance to be warned. The people I did ask about C-sections though said it was easy breezy. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I have a high pain tolerance and it was hell!!

You feel like your guts are going to fall out of your incision area. Every time you move it hurts ALL over.

You go into the operating room and have to sit on the table and get the epidural. You know, just a needle in your spine that sends sharp shooting pain down your back into your hip. It felt like my hip was being burned and stabbed at the same time. The poor doctor had to physically hold me still because I could not hold still it hurt so bad. When I got the epidural with Trevor it did not hurt, I think because I was already in pain having contractions.

Then you lay down.

They do a pinch test which you don’t feel and then away they go cutting you open.

Inches from my face was a billowing blue curtain hanging so that I obviously couldn’t watch my own surgery. But it was billowing. It made me so sick. Then I got a wave of dizziness and nausea, the anesthesiologist gave me lost of different medicines to help with my nasties. Not too long later after tugging and pulling and feeling so creepy like I have an alien trying to bust out of me, there was Jace. Arms out, legs kicking and screaming up a storm. The most glorious cry. He was alive. I am still in awe that I delivered a live baby. A live precious perfect amazing baby. I forgot about the fact that my stomach was sliced open and they were getting me sewn up and everything. I just cried. Happy tears. The last two hospital trips were not happy tears. These happy tears were glorious.

Then we go to recovery.

Lots of pain medicines and poking and prodding. Lots of pain.

It hurts to sit up, it hurts to hold your baby. It hurts to cough and sneeze. Everything hurts.

And you swell. I did. I swelled up huge. Bigger than the pregnancy swelling. I read that it was from the Pitocin and IV.

Also the nurses come in all the time asking if you farted. Did you pass gas yet? Gotta pass some gas? gosh, once you do, you are so excited because they finally lay off and quit asking. lol.

The bleeding is so much less with a C-section which is great, but the pain is so much more.

Getting up to walk the following day is HARD!!! I was determined though. I actually got to go home a day early because I got up and walking soon, I passed gas, I ate just fine and went to the bathroom fine.

Let me say this, don’t try to be brave and skip the pain pills. TAKE THEM!!!

Sleep rest and accept help because you will need it.

My guy is 4 weeks old today and I am just starting to feel like my old self again, only I cant lift anything but him for 2 more weeks.



Sleepless Night…..and I’m not complaining!

I can’t post to Facebook it seems. People can’t tell tone or know my heart I guess. And then when they comment something silly I want to delete it. lol.

Jace didn’t sleep well last night, I am dog tired. Everytime I tried to lay him down he would wake right up.

Now here is the thing. I can deal with being tired.

I can deal with him not wanting to be put down.

I will gladly snuggle baby in my arms ALL night!!

When I say he didn’t sleep well I am just making a statement. Not complaining! When I type it I have a huge smile on my face because I have a baby. He survived my hostile body. Like my kids say “Mom I am so happy Jace didn’t die”  ME TOO kids, me too!

I will gladly wear and hold him all day and night and when he wont sleep I will gladly stay up and stare at his sweet face 🙂

And when I change his diaper and then ten seconds later he poops in a fresh diaper, I will just laugh 🙂

I am BLESSED ❤ Thankful ❤ Happy ❤


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