Sleepless Night…..and I’m not complaining!

I can’t post to Facebook it seems. People can’t tell tone or know my heart I guess. And then when they comment something silly I want to delete it. lol.

Jace didn’t sleep well last night, I am dog tired. Everytime I tried to lay him down he would wake right up.

Now here is the thing. I can deal with being tired.

I can deal with him not wanting to be put down.

I will gladly snuggle baby in my arms ALL night!!

When I say he didn’t sleep well I am just making a statement. Not complaining! When I type it I have a huge smile on my face because I have a baby. He survived my hostile body. Like my kids say “Mom I am so happy Jace didn’t die”  ME TOO kids, me too!

I will gladly wear and hold him all day and night and when he wont sleep I will gladly stay up and stare at his sweet face 🙂

And when I change his diaper and then ten seconds later he poops in a fresh diaper, I will just laugh 🙂

I am BLESSED ❤ Thankful ❤ Happy ❤


2014-07-28 09.09.24-1


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