Monthly Archives: September 2014

Just an update

So Jace is two months old.

He is ten pounds now. Still a small guy but the doctor said he is doing well, eating and growing. They are watching his head, his soft spot is small, and if it has closed or we have other odd changes at his 4 month apt, then we will have to get him a ct scan to check for craniosynistosis. It is a terrifying though that he could have that, but his head looks good so far, so we wait and see. He couldn’t get a ct scan until he is 4 months old anyways.


I have been easing my way back into photo sessions. I think I will be sticking to doing friends pictures, because I always have my kids with me, and only my friends will understand that! I am going to try to crochet and sell it more because that is something that I can do from home with my loves.