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Rainbow Baby

My amazing photographer friend that did my newborn babes pictures ❤

Sisterly Love Photography

Loss is defined as the fact or process of losing something or someone. But what a piece of paper, and even the internet, can not put down in writing is the grief, the sorrow, the EMOTION that is tied to the loss. Watching or knowing someone who is going through a loss is heart wrenching. It’s as if you’re going through the loss with them….BUT…you’re not. You will never feel a tenth of the emotion they feel, a tenth of the loss they feel, a tenth of the pain.

A very special friend with the same passion, of capturing moments in time, as me recently went through enough of this pain and loss to last a lifetime. But out of her and her family’s pain, came a tiny rainbow. A little blip after her thunderous storm, that left them with….hope? Faith?

I can’t speak for sure for them other than…

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Things change

It’s amazing how things can change. Life. Faith. Friends. Love. Ideas. It doesn’t take much to spawn change.

For a while now my faith has been extremely lagging. Stagnant. No good.

But it’s always hung on. Even if by a thread.

Here’s some things I’ve mulled over, questioned and thought about.

1. Does my prayer change anything? Is God going to hear my prayer and change the outcome to be what I’m asking. Does it even matter?

2. Is God actively involved in our lives? Or did He take a small step back when free will came into play?

3. Does God cause bad things to happen? Does He allow bad things to happen? Or do bad things just happen due to our sinful nature and fallen world?

4. How can Christians be so mean sometimes? Proclaim Christ and condemn so quickly.

5. Is fear, doubt, or worry a sin?

The list keeps going.
Have I found answers? To some. Do I still have questions? A few. Have I ever not believed or had faith? No. Have I doubted, questioned and changed what I believe? A ton. I’ve changed a lot in just the last few months and I see change still coming too.