Monthly Archives: March 2015

Lavender essential oil

This oil has saved me more than once. I have serious windburn on my legs and within five minutes of running this on the stinging burn was gone. 
also got a bad rash from my Fitbit and this cleared it right up. 

It is relaxing to diffuse also. Doesn’t make me sleepy though.


Peanut butter balls

Ok so I made these amazing things 

1/2 cup nut butter. I just used peanut butter. 

1/4-1/2 cup coconut flour depending on what nut butter you use

3-5 tbsp pure Maple syrup depending on what nut butter. Just taste as you go

Blend in food processor. 

Form into eggs or balls or whatever. Put on cookie sheet on wax paper in freezer while you do the chocolate. 

I use a cup of chocolate chips. I use dark chocolate. Going to try white chocolate next. 

3tbsp almond milk. Any milk will do. 

Fill a pan with a few inches water place heat safe glass bowl on top and add chocolate and milk. Whisk until melted. 

Roll nut butter balls in chocolate and place back on wax paper. Freeze 2-3 hrs until set. 

Grappling with God

here was one of my biggest struggles. 

Read that last sentence. You can pray for anything and if you have faith you will receive it. 

So. Does this verse mean what it says? 

Did I not have enough faith for God to save my babies? 

It’s not all about my losses and babies but that life moment is what has shaken my faith so that’s what I go back to. 

So can someone explain what the verse means ?  

Was my faith not good enough to save my babies? 

Edited to add this beautiful explanation from facebook!! Wise guy! 

Getting back to God. 

Ok. Here’s the deal. My faith sucks. Since May of 2012 my faith has gone on a rollercoaster ride with a few high highs and many very low and dark lows. 

I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to believe in God anymore. Even right now at this very minute, if I am honest, I can’t say that I am in a good place with God. I don’t know exactly what I believe. A lot of christians make me mad and a lot of non christians understand me and my questions. 

So I am going to start blogging my journey in faith. Seeking God and defining what I believe. I hope to post once a week. People might not like what I post sometimes but I’m just gonna be real. It is my blog after all!! 

Oregon trip

so we went to oregon and Washington for a few days. It was amazing!! Still has my heart. But the lightbulb went off. 

As I sat there in awe, completely enamored in the surroundings, it hit me. I took all of the beauty for granted. I we moved back there the same thing would happen. It would be a crying shame to not be in awe and wonder every single day at the gorgeousness of the great Pacific Northwest. 

So we decided our trips out there will average every three years or so. Sometimes sooner sometimes a little after. 

Spread it out just long enough to miss it and over appreciate it.