Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

so I don’t like recipes, or following rules, or sticking to meal plans… I like to wing it….. which is why I got fat… so I have learned to semi plan, but I still don’t like recipes.

So I roamed the store today looking for dinner and ended up with this

dinn So I got a pack of organic thin chicken breasts and sliced them up, cooked in a tsp coconut oil and a tbsp. coconut aminos



dinn_6I diced zucchini and squash and added that after the chicken cooked to almost done

dinn_7 Added sliced mushrooms YUMM, cooked until they were all tender

dinn_10 and then added baby kale and spinach, SO GOOD

dinn_13 dinn_12 Cooked it down for a few minutes

dinn_8 dinn_9 dinn_14 I got this basmati rice, not the best choice but could have been a worse choice….. and we only had a little bit each. And it was really good

dinn_16 dinn_17 Topped the chicken onto the rice and dug in, so good!! Really full


My neighbor gave me some lemons, HUGE lemons….

Picture comparison


So I did a jug of cucumber and lemon water for me to drink tomorrow…..if you have not tried it, it is AMAZING! So light and refreshing and a nice change from plain water



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