Zucchini Boats

Ok I made some impromptu zucchini boats.

zucchini boats I cooked Bell pepper, onion and mushrooms until almost done


zucchini boats_2 while it is cooking I halved zucchini and scooped out the middle to make a “boat”

zucchini boats_3  I added sausage, but ground turkey would be good too

zucchini boats_4  cook it until well done

zucchini boats_5  stop and say hi to the little gate climber

zucchini boats_6Now I spooned the meat onto the zucchini and baked at 400 for 20 minutes

zucchini boats_7 zucchini boats_8

Its not really pretty but tastes really good. If you can spare the calories add some cheese and then bake it!


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