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Kombucha second ferment

So HERE I posted how to make your kombucha tea and now a quick little how to on making the second ferment.


booch part duece

I got bottles with flip tops, grolsch beer bottles to be exact, it keeps a nice seal for great fizz

booch part duece_2

This time I did blueberry, one raspberry because I ran out of blueberry

booch part duece_5

Fill the bottles almost completely full, usually I leave the next empty. It seems to fizz really well this way

booch part duece_3

I take my scoby out (before adding the tea to the bottles and also take out a cup of the tea, sit it aside in a glass container)

booch part duece_4

Isn’t she pretty

booch part duece_6

Brew the new batch of tea as I did here and add the scabby and the cup of the tea that you set aside, cover and brew for 8-12 days.


Now with the flip top bottles, I open mine daily to burp them so that they don’t explode. They are usually fizzy and flavorful enough for me after 3 days. I strain with a non metal fine mesh strainer and drink it up!!


God and stuff

So when we buried Timothy My heart was broken but my faith wasn’t too shaken, when a year later we buried another baby, my faith took a nosedive.

I’ve been trying to fake it until I make it with my faith and it just hasn’t worked.

I’ve been on the verge of just throwing it all away so many times, why keep trying when my heart isn’t in it.

Then I decided to watch this photographers memorial service. She was so young, she died on a brain aneurysm. She had a husband and five kids at home.

I missed about 15 minutes of it, tuned in to hear her mom, aunt, cousins, friends, and then her husband got up there. He spoke so eloquently. He just shined his love for her. He spoke of their losses, their struggle in the faith, his struggle and now here he is burying his precious wife. He said how he felt this intense sadness, i can’t remember his exact words. basically the worst feeling in the world and then peace. it was still horrible and heartbreaking and awful but he had a peace that she was ok and things were going to be ok. His testimony of love and faith was so very powerful.

Then the pastor preached. It was beautiful. The one thing that stuck out was that God did not design death, so when we say death is a part of life we are wrong. God designed life. Not death. Death came into the world after sin and the fall of man. God sent Jesus to die for us so that the life He intended us to have we can have forever in Heaven with Him.

I just left so much love, faith and peace even when everyones hearts were broken.

Someone so young dying really puts your own mortality into perspective. Life is short and our tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I can’t spend another day walking the fence in my faith. I have it or I don’t. I love God or I don’t. I believe Jesus died for me or I don’t.

I choose faith. I choose God. I choose Jesus. I choose Peace.
I choose not to fake it until I make it anymore. Faith faith is no faith.

My goal: Be in God’s word daily.

Pray continually

Love everyone and hopefully my faith will grow again and begin to shine. Oh God restore unto me the fire that I once had and may I never be content and stagnant. May I never get full in my faith, may I always need and want more of you. God please 🙂


I am not sure but I think that I give my kids a lot of independence.

The way I grew up was weird. I had a lot of freedoms but I wasn’t really taught a whole lot of life skills.

So my philosophy is if my kids can do it themselves I make them do it. If they do not know how to do it, I will teach them and then they can do it from then on out.

They get their own breakfast, clean their rooms, make their own sandwiches, make mac and cheese and scrambled eggs. They can cook some easy basic things in the kitchen, they are very responsible.

Sometimes I feel bad for making them do a lot for themselves but I see good things coming out of it. They are responsible and capable. They are smart and kind. They are well adjusted and sweet. They also get to be kids, for as long as they want to. I see too many people their age that are all grown up and mature already. Why?!?!? Why not be a silly carefree kid as long as you can? I don’t get it.

Hannah loves playing babies, and she can play them as long as she wants to. She also loves cars. Trevor loves minecraft and all things video games, but he can also sit and play babies with Hannah just fine.

They get to grow up at their own pace.

But in the meantime they are learning life skills everyday so hopefully when they move out they are capable of taking care of themselves completely, but I know that if they don’t know something they know that they can always ask me and I will teach them.

Picture Tutorial of Kombucha Home Brew

Here is how I do my kombucha. I don’t really have a recipe, but this is what I do each time, this is for the first fermentation. Once this is done and I start the second fermentation I will make a post about that.


I add 4 cups of tap water into a pot, i use tap but you can use filtered


Bring it to a good boil and add like 5-6 organic black tea bags (other people use other ones this is just what i use)


I shut the burner off and let it brew for 6-8 minutes

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

I give it a few good stirs


I use this sugar




pour 1 cup into the tea and stir it really well, it needs to be dissolved completely


I pour the tea into a gallon glass container, NOT plastic, not metal, nothing metal should touch the scoby or the tea the scabby will touch


I fill the container 3/4 the way full with cold filtered water


leave enough room at the top for the scoby and the starter tea

IMG_0076 IMG_0077

Add the scoby


add the starter tea (about a cup or so )


Cover with an old t-shirt, coffee filter or fabric, secure tightly with a rubber band.


I let it is for like 8-12 days, but really just use a plastic straw, stick it below the scoby and taste it, when its as tart as you want or sweet as you want it is done.

Stay tuned for the second ferment tutorial!!





Is it just me or is it parenthood in general?

Like, why even clean?

The older kids went with dad to a ball game, the baby was napping, I cleaned like a fool and it seems like i blink my eyes and its a mess again!

Now I wish I could be content with the mess but it actually makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

I need my couches clear, my counters clear and my table clear and those are the things that fill up with crap!

Now as much as it stresses me out and makes me crazy, I would rather have this crazy than a spotless house and being alone 🙂

So I embrace the mess.

I remind myself daily to BREATHE.

and I smile and just go with the flow of my sweet little pigs! Life is too short and I don’t want to waste one second being stressed over the stupid house. I will just be thankful that I can feed everyone three meals and we are clean. LOL!