Is it just me or is it parenthood in general?

Like, why even clean?

The older kids went with dad to a ball game, the baby was napping, I cleaned like a fool and it seems like i blink my eyes and its a mess again!

Now I wish I could be content with the mess but it actually makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

I need my couches clear, my counters clear and my table clear and those are the things that fill up with crap!

Now as much as it stresses me out and makes me crazy, I would rather have this crazy than a spotless house and being alone 🙂

So I embrace the mess.

I remind myself daily to BREATHE.

and I smile and just go with the flow of my sweet little pigs! Life is too short and I don’t want to waste one second being stressed over the stupid house. I will just be thankful that I can feed everyone three meals and we are clean. LOL!



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