I am not sure but I think that I give my kids a lot of independence.

The way I grew up was weird. I had a lot of freedoms but I wasn’t really taught a whole lot of life skills.

So my philosophy is if my kids can do it themselves I make them do it. If they do not know how to do it, I will teach them and then they can do it from then on out.

They get their own breakfast, clean their rooms, make their own sandwiches, make mac and cheese and scrambled eggs. They can cook some easy basic things in the kitchen, they are very responsible.

Sometimes I feel bad for making them do a lot for themselves but I see good things coming out of it. They are responsible and capable. They are smart and kind. They are well adjusted and sweet. They also get to be kids, for as long as they want to. I see too many people their age that are all grown up and mature already. Why?!?!? Why not be a silly carefree kid as long as you can? I don’t get it.

Hannah loves playing babies, and she can play them as long as she wants to. She also loves cars. Trevor loves minecraft and all things video games, but he can also sit and play babies with Hannah just fine.

They get to grow up at their own pace.

But in the meantime they are learning life skills everyday so hopefully when they move out they are capable of taking care of themselves completely, but I know that if they don’t know something they know that they can always ask me and I will teach them.


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