Kombucha second ferment

So HERE I posted how to make your kombucha tea and now a quick little how to on making the second ferment.


booch part duece

I got bottles with flip tops, grolsch beer bottles to be exact, it keeps a nice seal for great fizz

booch part duece_2

This time I did blueberry, one raspberry because I ran out of blueberry

booch part duece_5

Fill the bottles almost completely full, usually I leave the next empty. It seems to fizz really well this way

booch part duece_3

I take my scoby out (before adding the tea to the bottles and also take out a cup of the tea, sit it aside in a glass container)

booch part duece_4

Isn’t she pretty

booch part duece_6

Brew the new batch of tea as I did here and add the scabby and the cup of the tea that you set aside, cover and brew for 8-12 days.


Now with the flip top bottles, I open mine daily to burp them so that they don’t explode. They are usually fizzy and flavorful enough for me after 3 days. I strain with a non metal fine mesh strainer and drink it up!!


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