Monthly Archives: July 2015

The the glaring female at the grocery store

My baby screams.

Not in fits, but joy. He laughs, screeches and screams a LOT.

We walk through Walmart and you can hear him across the store.

And I smile.

You glare but I smile. You know why?

I buried a baby boy in 2012 and I buried a baby boy in 2013. I thought I would never deliver a live baby again. But I did. This little screamer is my miracle. He is my rainbow after a long season of storms. He is the light that brightened my dark soul.

So scream baby boy scream. I am thankful I have a live little human to scream. I am thankful and I smile because I did not have to bury another baby boy, he is healthy, he is here and he is screaming at the store

Deal with it