I Wonder if People Get Me

I have always had anxiety, its taken me 28 of my 30 years to be confident in my skin and to know that I am freaking awesome and now I wonder if people get my weird.

You know those handful of people in your life that get you, and all of the weird that comes with you….

I need more of that.

I am very honest and it usually gets me into trouble, people do not seem to appreciate honesty anymore, they just get pissed. They take it as an attack and they get mad and defensive.

I can say that 89% of the time if I have done something and it has bothered someone and they tell me, I don’t justify why I did or said it, I apologize and realize they took it way differently than i intended. The other 11% I get mad and then after calming down realize they were right and I still apologize. I cherish relationships more than I do winning an argument.

My sense of humor is pretty weird too….. only a select few get it. šŸ˜‰

I like deep real conversation, the fluffy stuff scares me, just shooting the breeze and chit chat…..freaks me out.

I am passionate about my faith, my family, friends, photography and crochet. I can talk your ear off if we can talk about one of those things. I am insanely shy too…. and open up to those i feel I can trust.

I share my struggles, not to whine or complain, not for attention or anything of the sort but to hopefully encourage someone along the way.

Social situations make me want to hurl, like actually literally throw up. I love hanging out one on one or just a small bunch of people.

I find that I grow the most when I am the most Uncomfortable….. let me say I am uncomfortable a lot too

I respect people who are direct and honest.

I can’t stand catty, drama people….they have no room in my life.




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