Monthly Archives: November 2015


So growing up in Longview WA, i knew rain.

It rains a lot there, hence the tall gorgeous trees and beautiful greenery everywhere.

Anyways I adore the rain. Its part of my soul…my blood….my heart. Its in my DNA. Tracing my family ancestry I found that a lot of them were in the Pacific Northwest for a long long time. Its really in my blood.

So when it rains here in the wonderful flat weird land we call home I love it. It makes me feel a little bit of home even though I am so far away. Today we parked in the furthest spot at Kroger and walked in the rain……and you can be sure that we jumped in every puddle to and from the car. I am still soaked and haven’t changed yet. Its fun. The rain feels good and we are making memories.

Don’t be afraid to jump in puddles!!!

Don’t wish the rain away I would rather have the rain than a drought!