Monthly Archives: December 2015

Back to Health Day 1

So I am trying to find some consistency in my fitness again. So instead of being “that person” on Facebook I will blog about it to keep myself accountable.

I did Live To Fail on The Daily Burn and did Pillars of Strength 1 today.


I only made it through half.

I woke up feeling like crap, sore and hurting from poor food choices so I struggled a lot but I went through it all and did as much as I could.

Sometimes I let my mind get the best of me even when my body can do more, so i need to work on that and also i need to get more water in. I do not drink enough. More water, less coffee. Once I find my workout clothes I am going to snap a before picture and then try to do a progress pictures once a month


My food goal is to drink less coffee and cut out gluten. Thats my first step anyways. That will be a huge challenge but once I hit that one 100% i will add a new goal.