The Well

So my church, The Church On MastersRoad is partnering with some great people to have a food pantry at the church. it will be this beautiful mesh of help and worship. Meeting physical needs and spiritual ones as well. Just one more way for us to be in the community. This ministry is going to be called “The Well” and should begin in March.

Food pantries were one of the few ways that we got food growing up as a kid. My parents divorced when I was a wee one, maybe 3 years old. We lived with my mom and went to my dads every other weekend. My dad paid child support to my mom to cover his half of raising us. The only problem was that my mom didn’t work to cover her half. So with that we ended up living on very little money. We relied heavily on food pantries, especially around the holidays. I stop and think about it now as an adult and we would not have survived if these food pantries did not helps us. I remember calling them and waiting in line with my sister as kids.

My hope is to volunteer and  minister to others the way that we were helped and ministered to as kids.


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