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I just want to give a little introductory post to my new blog!


My name is Stacy. I am a Pacific Northwest girl born and raised. The hills, mountains and rain are in my blood. I grew up in rainy Washington state and loved every gray wet second of it.

I met and married my soul mate there as well.

I have my dad and half sisters there, my mom and her family and loads of aunts and uncles.

I have long time friends there.


So adjusting to making Texas home was hard at first.

It is a huge culture shock.

The scenery is different, the climate is different, the language and words used are different, the traditions, foods, and fun are different. It is a whole new world down here.


I longed for home for a long time. It really got in the way of a lot here. Home is where ever I live.  PNW will always be home, but Texas is home now too.

My husband has managed to build a beautiful career here. So here we stay!!


So this blog will mostly consist of Texas life. Homeschooling, kids, trips, outings, family, photography and us doing life. This blog is a fresh start, my last blog is full of heartbreak and healing over the deaths of two of our baby boys. I had a late term miscarriage at 19 weeks in 2012 and at 16 weeks in 2013. This blog is about the healing and moving forward and the soon to be welcoming of our new rainbow baby due on Monday.


I hope to post a lot more.


Here is my previous blog of loss and healing, please read it if you need to find encouragement and hope: