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Gratitude gecko

This little green anole was my jump back onto the gratitude train. I got distracted with life for a bit. I’m back I hope. 
I was standing outside just looking at the sky and enjoying the cool breeze. I was kinda sad but the fresh air was helping. I looked over and he looked at me and almost smiled. I swear. All stretched out. Looking at the sky with me. Just chillin. So darn cute! Grateful that I saw him and got to stop and appreciate the moment. It’s always a good reminder to just slow down and be happy over the little things. 


The the glaring female at the grocery store

My baby screams.

Not in fits, but joy. He laughs, screeches and screams a LOT.

We walk through Walmart and you can hear him across the store.

And I smile.

You glare but I smile. You know why?

I buried a baby boy in 2012 and I buried a baby boy in 2013. I thought I would never deliver a live baby again. But I did. This little screamer is my miracle. He is my rainbow after a long season of storms. He is the light that brightened my dark soul.

So scream baby boy scream. I am thankful I have a live little human to scream. I am thankful and I smile because I did not have to bury another baby boy, he is healthy, he is here and he is screaming at the store

Deal with it