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Abbott Family

These people are super sweet and fun to be around. It was hot. Texas hot and then add twenty degrees. Omg. They were complete troopers. Even the babies! We shot on a private residence in Rosharon and it was amazing! The trees 😍 The porch 😍 The swing 😍


The Well

So my church, The Church On MastersRoad is partnering with some great people to have a food pantry at the church. it will be this beautiful mesh of help and worship. Meeting physical needs and spiritual ones as well. Just one more way for us to be in the community. This ministry is going to be called “The Well” and should begin in March.

Food pantries were one of the few ways that we got food growing up as a kid. My parents divorced when I was a wee one, maybe 3 years old. We lived with my mom and went to my dads every other weekend. My dad paid child support to my mom to cover his half of raising us. The only problem was that my mom didn’t work to cover her half. So with that we ended up living on very little money. We relied heavily on food pantries, especially around the holidays. I stop and think about it now as an adult and we would not have survived if these food pantries did not helps us. I remember calling them and waiting in line with my sister as kids.

My hope is to volunteer and  minister to others the way that we were helped and ministered to as kids.

Gratitude coffee

Gratitude. Coffee. #coffee #strongcoffee #liquidgold #coffeelove #gratitude #grateful #thankful #love #coffeeaddict I am so thankful and grateful for coffee. The smooth rich coffee. The warm cup between my hands. The smooth flavor trickling down my throat. The nostalgia of fall everytime I drink it in the hot pot of hell better known as Texas. It’s my one tie to WA and the #PNW that I will never abandon. 

Gratitude yarn

I love yarn. I love the different colors all intertwined into one string of artwork. I love the feel of the yarn running through my fingers as I work with it. I love creating a wearable thing from string. I love all of the yarn colors and textures. The thin and the thick and chunky. I am grateful for yarn and for how it has positively impacted my life. It’s really helped me through a lot. 

Birth story

I was so ready to write this big ol’ long birth story. I wrote a few pages with my others.

This time was different.

We checked in at 6am ready to be induced.

Processed with VSCOcam with x2 preset

Doctor came in at 8am and checked with ultrasound to find his position because we had such a hard time finding and keeping his heart beat on the monitor.

2014-07-21 06.21.54


Little guy is breech. Head up and feet down.

She said we have two options.

Try to flip him.

I said no

Or c-section him. We went with that and Jace was born at 9:55 am this morning July 21, 2014 weighting 6 pounds 5 ounces measuring 19 inches long.

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He is perfect. Perfect!!!!

I am in pain. No one tells you how much after the cesarean hurts!!

After losing three babies total. Two in a row. After never thinking I would carry another baby past 19 weeks I am just blown away. Speechless. Smitten. In love.

Baby Love

So this pregnancy had been quite the journey…..


I have had intense fear, worry and anxiety. I was detached, and terrified to let my walls down.

I had lost all hope in ever carrying a baby past 20 weeks.

I was at a bad doctors, and couldn’t get switched and things just felt hopeless all over again.

I was finally able to switch doctors to someone competent and the hope started building.

She referred me to a thyroid doctor at the first appointment. We got my thyroid on track and I have not had any issues.

My blood pressure has been good (it was high the last two pregnancies that ended in loss)

My thyroid levels were actually good.

Baby was growing right on cue.


Now I sit here 4 days from being induced because this little baby boy is so comfortable up in my ribs that he
has not dropped and I am showing no signs of labor at all.

Four days until I being the process of getting to see this blessed miracle face to face.


I am nervous to go into the hospital. I am nervous for the whole process.

The last two times I was in the hospital was to deliver still babies.

I guess I can be thankful it is a different hospital otherwise I would feel a lot more scared.

This will be good.

He will be good.


Pregnancy after a loss(es) is just a wild and scary journey. You never know if it will end up in another loss or not. You know it happened to you once, it can happen again at any point. You never really can just have a carefree pregnancy, can’t really feel safe until the baby is wrapped up and in your arms. Well in four days we will have ours in our arms. Four short days.


Here is the last ultrasound picture, it is hard to tell what it is but it is his face. Toward the middle of the picture is his nose…. oh he is just so cute and sweet already ❤