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2017 Goals 

My goals for the new year. Most important at the bottom. Make your goals known. When people know about them they can ask and hold you accountable. You will be more likely to accomplish them. 

Mine are simple. They are just a little push more. But it just something small to strive for. I love it. Always pushing a little harder to learn something new or do something different 


Back to Health Day Four

I took some colon cleanse supplements last night. Let’s just say it’s working today. 

I’m trying to eat very light. Fruits and veggies and get all cleaned out and start a probiotic tomorrow. Going to sprouts to find a good one hopefully today. 

Sprouts has Tillamook beef sticks that are uncured and nitrate free that are amazing for those “I’m starving but can’t eat” moments. Grab and go. Fills you up and it isn’t full of crap! 
My husband is getting our garage gym ready so that we can workout out there again and he is making some black beans for tacos lettuce wraps for lunch! I’m spring cleaning. In the winter.