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3 Month Old

I have been so busy I forgot all about my blog!




My little miracle of squishy love is 3 months old now. He loves to talk. He smiles and coos and laughs. He loves to laugh. He is working on sitting up and is halfway to rolling over all the way. He keeps trying. He is so sweet, silly and handsome and I am completely smitten. This boy had got me wrapped around his little finger. The big kids are just as in love and so is daddy. We thank God that he made it here. My older two say they are so glad he didn’t die like our last two. I just tell them I am glad too. So so glad.


We are working on more tummy time and up time to work out a flat spot on his head. We have to go back to the craniofacial surgeon in three months to check again. We brought him to check for craniosynostosis due to his soft spot being small. I am not sure we are out of the woods with that yet but I think it is all good. The doctor said it looks just fine. So we work on the flat spot. Otherwise he may need helmet therapy. Trevor had the same issue but his worked itself out.


I am slowly working back into photography but I find that my true passion is in just taking pictures of my family. I love doing photo sessions but not as much as I love being at home with my babes. It is hard to really figure out what to do. Do I pursue photography part time, do I try to sell more crochet work instead….. or do I just let it all go and if I get a session or make a sale, great and if not then great too? I don’t know. I was getting hard on myself seeing long term clients go to another photographer. It was upsetting. Then I just took it as a reminder that my kids and husband come first and that is just more time that I have with them. Between the house and homeschool and everything in between, time is scarce and the days go by too fast!


So hopefully I can manage to blog once a month…. hopefully I can manage to cook a good dinner once a month too! HA!


Sleepless Night…..and I’m not complaining!

I can’t post to Facebook it seems. People can’t tell tone or know my heart I guess. And then when they comment something silly I want to delete it. lol.

Jace didn’t sleep well last night, I am dog tired. Everytime I tried to lay him down he would wake right up.

Now here is the thing. I can deal with being tired.

I can deal with him not wanting to be put down.

I will gladly snuggle baby in my arms ALL night!!

When I say he didn’t sleep well I am just making a statement. Not complaining! When I type it I have a huge smile on my face because I have a baby. He survived my hostile body. Like my kids say “Mom I am so happy Jace didn’t die”  ME TOO kids, me too!

I will gladly wear and hold him all day and night and when he wont sleep I will gladly stay up and stare at his sweet face 🙂

And when I change his diaper and then ten seconds later he poops in a fresh diaper, I will just laugh 🙂

I am BLESSED ❤ Thankful ❤ Happy ❤


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