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Things change

It’s amazing how things can change. Life. Faith. Friends. Love. Ideas. It doesn’t take much to spawn change.

For a while now my faith has been extremely lagging. Stagnant. No good.

But it’s always hung on. Even if by a thread.

Here’s some things I’ve mulled over, questioned and thought about.

1. Does my prayer change anything? Is God going to hear my prayer and change the outcome to be what I’m asking. Does it even matter?

2. Is God actively involved in our lives? Or did He take a small step back when free will came into play?

3. Does God cause bad things to happen? Does He allow bad things to happen? Or do bad things just happen due to our sinful nature and fallen world?

4. How can Christians be so mean sometimes? Proclaim Christ and condemn so quickly.

5. Is fear, doubt, or worry a sin?

The list keeps going.
Have I found answers? To some. Do I still have questions? A few. Have I ever not believed or had faith? No. Have I doubted, questioned and changed what I believe? A ton. I’ve changed a lot in just the last few months and I see change still coming too.


Awkward Questions

I have noticed being pregnant, and almost due….. people ask a crap-ton of questions!

I know they are just excited and curious but I am not one to talk about certain things to people unless it is something I bring up, and then I have to be super comfortable around that person.

Question #1 Are you going to breastfeed? The key for me in that question is BREAST. I am not talking to you about any part of MY body! Thank you. Just know that how I feed my baby is my business and that I NEVER make a decision lightly or uninformed.

Question #2 Are you done having babies after this? The key for me is, how are babies made?? So do you think it appropriate to ask anything about more kids? That is between me, my husband and God, not YOU!!

Question #3 How much weight have you gained?  YIKES!! That’s nunya. None of your business, I just want to ask How much weight have YOU gained in the last few weeks!! Lol



Questions #4 Are you having the baby naturally?   Like what do you mean? With or without drugs? Vaginally or ceseran? Again, how my baby comes out is my business unless I divulge that information to you!!

Also Question #5 Why are you scheduling your delivery? Is it medically necessary? I think this bothers me so much because its almost implying that I would do something harmful to my baby for my own pleasure. Of course it is medically necessary or I wouldn’t be doing it.



Yes I’m having a boy, yes I am almost due, yes I am ready to be done, yes, I know I am huge.


I think I get so uncomfortable with all of the questions because I am a very private person when it comes to private matters. I do not talk about anything of the sort to just anyone. it doesn’t happen, so when people feel the need to ask me certain questions I just want to crawl in a hole and hide. So I am not being mean or not understanding by venting here, I understand but also know my personality.

I am very introverted and shy. VERY.

I get a lot of anxiety in social situations and it takes a lot for me to feel comfortable around someone.

I don’t trust easily and I don’t feel like I can be relaxed and myself with people right away.


So I guess just remember that not everyone is comfortable answering your prying questions! I know you are just curious, but curiosity killed the cat. 😉


Three days until this baby will be HERE, in my arms!! I may never sit him down. I just can NOT wait!! I go to the hospital today to get all checked in and all the blood work done, finish cleaning tomorrow, get groceries Sunday and then leave for the hospital bright and early on Monday! I don’t normally wish days away but I hope these three days go fast so Monday can be here.


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