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Gratitude gecko

This little green anole was my jump back onto the gratitude train. I got distracted with life for a bit. I’m back I hope. 
I was standing outside just looking at the sky and enjoying the cool breeze. I was kinda sad but the fresh air was helping. I looked over and he looked at me and almost smiled. I swear. All stretched out. Looking at the sky with me. Just chillin. So darn cute! Grateful that I saw him and got to stop and appreciate the moment. It’s always a good reminder to just slow down and be happy over the little things. 


Gratitude rain

#gratitude #rain. I adore the rain. When we leave and store and it’s a downpour we see people waiting inside for it to let up. We take off and skip and jump in the puddles on the way to the car. We got home from the post office today and went for a walk in the rain. Jumping barefoot in every puddle. Don’t be scared of the rain. It’s cleansing. Healing. Beautiful. #graysky #grayskies #rainy #rainyday #jumpinpuddles