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Gratitude gecko

This little green anole was my jump back onto the gratitude train. I got distracted with life for a bit. I’m back I hope. 
I was standing outside just looking at the sky and enjoying the cool breeze. I was kinda sad but the fresh air was helping. I looked over and he looked at me and almost smiled. I swear. All stretched out. Looking at the sky with me. Just chillin. So darn cute! Grateful that I saw him and got to stop and appreciate the moment. It’s always a good reminder to just slow down and be happy over the little things. 


Selling again

so Since the baby was born i have not done much of anything. really. I’m not kidding!


I am back to it. He is more content and able to play and chill.

So I have added a few crochet things to etsy and also a few photography things.


Check them  out please!